Keyword Grouper Training Video

Posted:  December 27th, 2011 by:  keywordgrouper comments:  3

Keyword Grouper software has a lot of useful features and settings that makes grouping keywords quick and easy.  In the above video, I go in-depth and show you every feature that Keyword Grouper has to offer.

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Posted By: Carol On: February 24, 2012 At: 6:34 am

Does this work on a Mac?

Posted By: keywordgrouper On: February 25, 2012 At: 4:28 am

Great question Carol. At this time, Keyword Grouper doesn’t work for Mac. There is a way to create a Windows environment on a Mac and run the program within that Windows environment but I don’t have any experience with this so I can’t really say.

Posted By: Kenneth On: August 29, 2013 At: 10:15 pm

I use Keyword Grouper on a Mac, but in a Virtual Machine.

To do this:
1: Get VirtualBox (my personal favorite(FREE)) or other.
2: Now install Windows on the VBox (Very Easy) using your Installation disc if you have one. If you do not have a Windows installation disc, then you can look around for Windows XP online, there are some ISO’s Available.
3: Install Keyword Grouper in Windows, like you would normally.

Final Thoughts: if you are a Marketer and you use your Mac, you should get/have a Windows Virtual Environment Anyways.

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