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PPC Campaign Generator

PPC Campaign Generator has a keyword grouper built-in.  It’s the exact same keyword grouper tool as the one on this site (  PPC Campaign Generator is a downloadable search engine marketing software that you can use to generate paid search campaigns fast and efficiently.  Customers that buy PPC Campaign Generator get the stand-alone version of Keyword Grouper free.


Wordstream has a keyword grouper.  The standard edition membership costs $329 per year and you are limited to grouping just 2,000 keywords at a time.  If you want to group 10,000 keywords at a time, you have to pay $599 per year.  It does a decent job of grouping keywords.

Adwords Editor

Adwords Editor has a keyword grouper.  If my primary job was SEO, I would still download Adwords Editor because it allows you to group keywords manually (which beats manually moving cells and groups of cells around in Excel).  The Adwords Editor keyword grouper tool has practically no options or settings.  You can generate potential keyword groups by clicking the “Generate Common Terms” button but all it does is spit out your keyword list while removing words from your “Ignore these Words” list.  The problem is you will end up with far too granular terribly-named adgroups which will make managing your account a nightmare.  The better alternative is to manually decide what your adgroups will be called and paste them into the “Generate Common Terms” box.  The obvious downside is that it requires you to research and come up with the names of the adgroups manually… which defeats the purpose of letting a tool help you group your keywords.

Keyword Grouper

Then there’s  If you don’t know what Keyword Grouper does, watch the demo.  Keyword Grouper is only $29, there are no limits or restrictions on how many keywords you can group, there are tons of settings and options, no annual fees, simple-to-use interface, export-friendly formats, and much more.

Do a search for keyword grouper on Google.  You won’t find much else in terms of keyword grouping tools.  Other sites are either no longer in service, or are selling out-dated software.  For example, I went to to download the software.  After you download it, you have to register.  To register, you go to this page to create an account.  After trying to create an account, you receive a message ‘Something went wrong, contact’.

That about wraps it up for keyword grouping tools.  The other ones I found weren’t even worth mentioning.  If you know of any GOOD tools that I didn’t mention, please let me know so I can give you credit!