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Group by Suggested Ad Group in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Group by Suggested Ad Group in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

New functionality was added to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool that allows you to group by Suggested Ad Group.

Being the creator of Keyword Grouper, I was excited to test this new (as of 1/1/2012) feature out and compare it to Keyword Grouper.

The Experiment

Go To: Google Keyword Tool

I entered the keyword “data recovery”Google Keyword Search

The Google keyword tool generated 800 keyword ideas.

800 Results Generated from the Google Keyword Tool

I then hit the “Group by” drop-down box and selected “Suggested ad group”.

Group by Suggested Ad Group

The Google keyword tool returned 345 keywords grouped into 30 groups.

The results from Grouping by suggested ad group.

Something interesting to note is that a group named “Data Recovery New York” was an option and within this group were geo-targeted city and state terms.

Group by geo-targeted locations

I then downloaded the results.  The results export nicely into Excel with an Ad group column.

Export the Group by Results

I then wanted to compare the keyword groupings from the Google Keyword Tool to my Keyword Grouper software.  I used the following settings below:

Keyword Grouper Settings

The Results

The Google Keyword Tool returned 801 total keywords but was only able to group 345 keywords across 30 adgroups.

Using Keyword Grouper, I was able to group all 801 keywords into 84 adgroups using the settings pictured above.  There were 66 keywords in the *SORT group (these are loner-type keywords that didn’t have a good group).

Download Results in Excel -> Compare Keyword Grouper to Adwords Keyword Tool


The Google Keyword Tool’s Group by suggested Ad group feature will be very useful to a lot of people.  It creates relatively good groups with semi-logical adgroup naming conventions.  The programming logic behind the Google keyword tool’s group by function is very basic.  It essentially looks for whole words in any order within the keyword list and if all whole words are somewhere within the keyphrase, it groups them.

It’s just too bad that it doesn’t let you group all your keywords at once.


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