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Grouping 10,000 Keywords in Under 5 Minutes by ppccampaigngenerator

A visitor named Jeff recently asked me the following question:

Hi, how many keywords can the program handle? For example, if I input a list of 10,000 keywords, will it be able to process?

This is a great question and I’m sure it’s something that everyone that visits will be wondering about. There are not that many stand-alone keyword grouping tools on the market.  Most tools are online-based and also bundled as an extra feature within a larger, more expensive package.

Keyword Grouper software is probably the ONLY stand-alone application that has no limits or restrictions on the amount of keywords you can group at a time.  Nothing is worse than having a keyword list with 10,000+ keywords in it that need to be grouped.  It’s such a boring, time-consuming task.  What’s worse is when the keyword grouping tools you DO have can’t handle a measly 10,000+ keyword list so you’re stuck doing it manually or in sections.

Aside from not having any limits, Keyword Grouper is FAST!  The video above actually shows me grouping 10,000 keywords in under 4:00 from start to finish but I was narrating in certain parts to help explain how the software works.  Theoretically, the amount of keywords you can group is only limited by your computer’s processing power and time.  You could group 1,000,000 keywords using the software if you gave it enough time.

I will be performing more time trials to create a benchmark for how long it takes Keyword Grouper to group a certain number of keywords at different levels.  Stay Tuned!

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