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What is Keyword Grouper?

Keyword GrouperKeyword Grouper is a Microsoft Windows based keyword grouping software tool that SEOs and Paid Search marketers use to group large lists of keywords automatically.

Keyword Grouper has a lot of settings that you can use to algorithmically group thousands of keywords in seconds.  You decide how granular or how broad you want to get.


Keyword Grouper Settings

Keyword Density Analysis

Analyze the keyword density of your keyword list for 1-word up to 5-word phrases.

Merge singular and plurals

Option to automatically group singular and plural keyword together in one group.

3 Keyword Grouping Methods

Group your keywords using a strict word order, any word order or strict then any word order.

Set the Minimum Number of Keywords Per Group

Set the minimum number of keywords required per group (a threshold).

9 Different Export Options

Export as: .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV, .TXT, .PDF, .HTML, .MHT, .RTF,  and most Image formats!

Group Each Keyword into its Own Group

The program can create 1 group for each keyword with match types that you set.

Set Keyword Match Types

Output broad, phrase or exact keyword match types for each keyword.

Automatic Common Theme Generator

Based on your settings, the program outputs suggested group names to group keywords by.

Manual Keyword Grouping (Optional)

If you already know the name of the groups you want, you can add them manually.

Define campaign name (optional)

Output a campaign column making it easy to paste into Adwords Editor.

Keyword Grouper FAQs

Is Keyword Grouper available for Mac?
Unfortunately no.  There hasn’t been enough demand to justify the creation of a Mac version of Keyword Grouper.  If demand changes, then we will consider it.  You can however run a virtual environment within a Mac machine using software such as VMware Fusion, Parallels, or Virtualbox.

How Many Keywords Can Keyword Grouper Group?
Theoretically, Keyword Grouper can group billions of keywords if given enough time.  There is never any restrictions or limits with the number of keywords you can group from the moment you purchase the software.

How Fast is Keyword Grouper?
Keyword Grouper software is faster and produces higher quality results than any other keyword grouping software on the market.  The time it takes the software to group keywords depends on your computer’s processing power, the settings you set within the program and the amount of keywords you are trying to group.  Obviously, the more keywords you are trying to group, the longer it’s going to take.

I Want to Group Over 50,000 Keywords.  Is Keyword Grouper Right for Me?
To group 50,000 keywords, it takes Keyword Grouper about an hour and a half.  Most of that time is spent determining the most common themes among your keyword list.  If you already know what adgroups you want to create, then it can do it much faster.

If you have hundreds of thousands or even millions of keywords that need to be grouped, I want to be up-front by saying that Keyword Grouper can group that many, but it will take a lot of time and patience.  You will probably have to set your computer and run it over-night.

Keyword Grouper is best suited for keyword lists under 40,000 in terms of speed and efficiency.

I conducted some time trials to give you an idea of how fast Keyword Grouper is.  These were the settings I used.

# of Keywords Strict Word Order Any Word Order Strict Then Any Word Order
1,000 00:00:06 00:00:06 00:00:06
5,000 00:01:34 00:01:27 00:01:34
10,000 00:05:13 00:04:52 00:05:10
20,000 00:16:02 00:17:37 00:19:24
30,000 00:38:29 00:37:00 00:38:37
40,000 01:05:42 01:08:26 01:03:38

To give you an idea of how long it takes other keyword grouping tools, one tool I know of takes 42 minutes to group 460 keywords.  Keyword Grouper can do that in 2.5 seconds from start to finish!

Compare to the Competition

 Keyword Grouper The Competition
Affordable $29 (One-time) $39/Mo. – $599/Yr.
Fast & Efficient
Training & Support
Quality Results
Easy to use
Unlimited Use
Robust Settings

Compare to Adwords Editor

If you’ve ever used Adwords Editor’s built-in keyword grouper tool, you know how basic and featureless it is.  The only setting you have is to ignore whole words.  Generating common terms outputs a lot of low-quality keyword groupings.  These keyword groupings often share one word in common.

Some groups may have thousands of keywords in them whereas other groups may have only two.  This happens because the programming logic behind Adwords Editor’s keyword grouper tool is extremely simplistic.  All it does is look for keywords that contain all words from the generated common terms in any order.  When it finds a match, it groups it… simple as that.  No prioritization, no evaluation, no quality-checks.

The upside to Adwords Editor’s keyword grouper is that it can group a lot of keywords fast.  But what good is speed if it produces low-quality results?

Watch the video below for a comparison of Adwords Editor to Keyword Grouper.


Video Testimonials

Here’s a video testimonial from Suzanne.  Suzanne is a paid search account manager at a small local business that manages her paid search accounts in-house.

Here’s another video testimonial from Mark whose an affiliate marketer.  Mark used Keyword Grouper to organize his paid search account with the help of Keyword Grouper.

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