Keyword Grouper


What is Keyword Grouper?

What is Keyword Grouper?

Keyword Grouper is a keyword grouping software tool that allows you to group a large list of keywords into common themes.

Keyword Grouper allows you balance getting to general or granular with your keyword groups by giving you many settings and options.

Within Keyword Grouper, YOU define the minimum number of keywords per group, whether to merge singular and plural keywords together, whether strict word order is important, and more. The software generates common themes based on your keyword settings using an advanced algorithm.




Keyword Grouper Software Benefits

  • Group keywords Automatically
  • Group keywords better than you can manually
  • Save yourself from hours of time and manual work
  • Affordable for anyone at just $29
  • Generate PPC campaign structures quickly and easily (imports easily into Excel and Adwords Editor)
  • Generate SEO content strategies built around keyword groupings


Keyword Grouper Software Features

  • Set the minimum number of keywords per group
  • Merge singular and plural keyword groups
  • Set strict word order or choose any word order
  • Keyword density analysis for 1 – 5 word phrases
  • Export grouping results in .CSV format
  • Group each keyword into its own group
  • Set broad, phrase and exact match types
  • Generate common themes automatically
  • Optional Manual keyword grouping
  • Preview results before grouping
  • Define campaign name (optional)


Compare Keyword Grouper to the competition

 Keyword Grouper The Competition
Affordable $29 (One-time) $39/Mo. – $329/Yr.
Fast & Efficient
Training & Support
Good Results?
Easy to use
Unlimited Use
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Keyword Grouper Software beats the competition hands-down on affordability, flexibility, usability and overall value.  Don’t wait - Order Now for Only $29!


  • I grouped +40,000 keywords in about 40 minutes! The grouping was much better than I could do manually. Thanks for this tool.
  • This will save me a ton of time. Thanks
  • For what this software does, WAY TOO INEXPENSIVE!
  • Tons of settings and features turning a monotonous task into an easy-to-do task, thanks
  • Quick response and help when I had questions. Awesome software
  • Wish I had this software years ago